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IPA Summer Convention 2003

deep freedoms logo

August 26
September 1

Appel Farm
Elmer, New Jersey, USA


Music has been called the universal language. The rhythms, tones, melodies and words resonate in every part of us, evoking feelings and allowing our deepest expressions to surface. Whether performed, listened to, or shared as a group, music builds direct connections to our deeper selves and to each other.

We welcome you to resonate with the IPA community at the 31st Annual Convention entitled "Music of the Heart."

Jean Rashkind and Larry Schumer
IPA Convention 2003 Co-Chairs


Click on each section to learn more about each aspect of the convention.

Daily Activities
Schedule of Workshops and Events
Fees and Registration
About Appel Farm


Michael DiMartino and the World Beat Music and Dance Ensemble

DiMartino photo Michael DiMartino founded the Global Alliance for Intelligent Arts to foster human development through the performing, visual and healing arts. World Beat Music and Dance Ensemble is a multi-cultural art troupe, utilizing music, dance, theatre, slide shows and storytelling to entertain, involve and educate people about cultural diversity and the importance of global cooperation. The group has developed tools for helping people to realize their creative potential and apply it in their everyday lives.

World Beat Music and Dance Ensemble consists of Michael DiMartino and various artists of different disciplines. Their skills include vocals in various languages, Afro-Latin percussion, creative movement, North, central and South America flutes, West African drum and dance, folklore, storytelling, poetry and theatre with an accent on audience participation.

The group has performed more than one hundred shows. The highlights are: an invitational performance at the White House, the United Nations Earth Summit Conference in Rio de Janeiro, the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, the Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Arizona Earth Day celebration, and the Northern Arizona University Multi-Cultural Week.

Ricardo Barrett on bass, Mark Archer on drums, Tim Price on percussion and Dan Klimoski on winds will be joining Michael at the Convention for several workshops and a Friday evening performance in addition to the keynote presentation. Toni Bergins, M.Ed., will lead the JourneyDance™ program and Felicia Rose will facilitate the Interfaith Circle of Song.

Bergins photo
Toni Bergins
Rose photo
Felicia Rose


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Daily Activities

Movement & Yoga. Wake up to early morning Yoga, stretching, and T'ai Chi.

Massage & Mind-Bodywork. Mind-Bodywork includes Swedish massage, CranioSacral therapy, Thai massage and Oriental restoration therapies offered by Lisa Gayle, Denise Kline, Walter Loeb, Marie Regis, and Tess Smelser. Coordinated by Denise Kline.

Women's Group & Men's Group. After breakfast, gather with others of your sex to share thoughts, feelings, contact, and ceremony.

Mat Track. Connect and express your deep feelings in a safe, supportive, daily primal group hosted by experienced facilitators.

Community Meeting. After supper, the entire community gathers to meet newcomers, discuss convention news, and review the schedule of events.

Evening Peer Groups. Share the events and feelings of your day within a small group setting.

Jungian Sandplay Room. This extraordinary environment for self-discovery is yours to explore round-the-clock. Create a scene from your unconscious with items from the late, great Bill Smukler's immense sandplay collection.


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Schedule of Workshops and Events

Program is subject to change without notice. All IPA workshops and events are educational and are not a practice of therapy.


Arrival and Opening Ceremonies.


Therapist Peer Group. Barbara Bryan, M.A., and Sam Turton host a workshop for therapists and facilitators to openly discuss any personal issues and challenges about primal practice.

Primal Demonstration. Witness Sam Turton, primal integration therapist from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, demonstrate and discuss a primal session.

group photo

Introduction to Jungian Sandplay. Mary Thompson, M.S., will guide you into the profound and limitless world of sandplay.

Imago/Primal Experience for Couples with Barbara Bryan and Dianne Arman. Learn how to resolve conflicts in relationships using a combination of Imago and Primal therapies.

Memorial for Barbara Kay Cope. After many years in which she served as IPA Secretary, Board Member, and Convention Chair, Barbara passed away May 12, 2003. Join us as we celebrate her place in our lives.


Primal Integration Training. Barbara Bryan, M.A., and Sam Turton discuss their seven-day training program for those who wish to develop facilitation skills for primal-style or deep-feeling work.

Touch: Its Importance in Healing. Discover the importance of touch in emotional release and healing with Lynn Turner, Ph.D.

What Is Primal? Larry King, an IPA Elder from NYC, gives an essential introduction to the theory and practice of primal psychotherapy.

Steve on tromboneHot Jazz and Rock & Roll. Some do's and don'ts for sexual healing, a discussion led by Steve Austill.

Mays Landing Pool Party. Join Barbara Bryan, M.A., in the pool for exercises developed by Bill Swartley to explore prenatal and other provocative personal/transpersonal experiences.

Sam's Café. Canadian therapist, artist, and musician Sam Turton will discuss and sing the songs from his new CD "Feel."


Outreach! Denise Kline leads a brainstorming session to develop regional IPA events and initiatives.

The Ties That Bind. Bob Holmes discusses inappropriate energetic bonds between ourselves and other people or things and how to detach them.

group photo

The Universal Language of Rhythm. Learn rhythms from around the world, and jam with Michael DiMartino and friends.

Poetry: The Music of Words. Express the music of our heart in words that sing, images that dance, and rhythms that vibrate with our core being--in a poetry-writing workshop led by long-time IPA member Harriet Geller.

Concert! Join Michael DiMartino and the World Beat Ensemble for all original music based on traditional rhythms and instruments from around the world. Be ready to dance!


Six Levels of Commitment with Daniel Miller, Ph.D. Examine six levels of commitment found among people today. Sharing ideas will stimulate feelings, and exercises will enable us to search for self-deception in order to discover what kind of relationships we really want.

Keynote Presentation: The Healing Power of Music. Michael DiMartino will present an experiential keynote which incorporates music, visualization, and breathwork (praña yoga, rebirthing, and Tibetan elemental breath practice).

JourneyDance™. Join Toni Bergins, M.Ed., Kripalu Certified DansKinetics™ instructor, for a facilitated movement/dance workshop exploring the elements, the chakras, various emotions, and animals.

Ethics and Primal Therapy. Denise Kline will facilitate a panel discussion on issues of ethics in primal therapy.

Transforming Transference with Larry King, IPA Elder, and therapist from NYC. Transform lose-lose situations into surprising win-win experiences, and angry feelings into therapy breakthroughs.

The IPA Fundraising Draw. Bring your unwanted treasures: household goods, white elephants, handmade items, creative services, session time--to raise funds for IPA initiatives. Whatever you give is tax deductible!

IPA Cabaret! Get on stage and express yourself with a song, a poem, a skit, movement, improv, or humor - to the most supportive audience around!


Interfaith Circle of Song. Explore the universal state of being--beyond religion and form--with singing, clapping, and musical accompaniment. Felicia Rose with Michael DiMartino and friends.

PrimaLogue. Experience building community through sharing the meaning of deep feeling work. PrimaLogue links the deeply personal with the social and global concerns of our world. With Linda Ellinor and Lucas Plumb.

Optimizing Health: The Complexity of Consciousness with Daniel Miller, Ph.D.. View mental and physical health through the developmental prism of the Self and Consciousness.

group photo

Sheer Delight. Receive complete attention from the group as you revel in complete and utter delight with yourself! Led by Bill Whitesell.

Songs of Justice and Freedom. Join longtime member Steve Austill in the formation of an IPA political action committee.

Sharing Your Sandbox. Share with Mary Thompson, M.S. and the group, the sandboxes you've created during the week--or make a new one.

Softball: hearing your sports-song from your heart. Join Larry Schumer as we renew our annual softball game and be open to the possibilities of enlightenment and fun. All are welcome.

Art Gallery - Opening Gala. See and experience original works of art by Karuna and other IPA convention attendees. Organized by Karuna.

IPA Dance Party. Another chance to enjoy and express yourself in a fun-filled evening of music and dance.


Regular Daily Activities.

IPA Annual General Meeting. An opportunity for all members to discuss IPA issues and elect officers to the Executive and Board of Directors.


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Fees and Registration

6 $684 $619
5 $623 $563
4 $542 $492
3 $441 $401
2 $318 $288
1 $179 $159

Early Bird rates before August 1.

Listed prices above are for members. Non-members add $30 to listed price. Registration fee includes food, lodging, all workshops, activities, and use of the Appel Farm facilities. Blanket, pillows, and mattress provided. Bring linens or rent for $12.

One-day Special: one day, no overnight for $75.
Distance Discount: US residents more than 1000 miles from the convention, and registrants outside the continental US deduct 15%.
Newcomer Discount: deduct $15 from your total (one-day special excluded).
Children: free up to 7 years; discount for 8-17 years. Call for fees and childcare info.
Tenting on grounds: same fees apply.
Off-site lodging: deduct $17/day/person.
CEUs: Call for more information.

Payment: Send no deposits. All fees payable in full upon registration, US funds only. Refunds made minus cancellation fee with written request before Aug. 10, 2002.

Click here for a printable application form.


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About Appel Farm

Situated on 176 acres in rural southern New Jersey, Appel Farm is a multidisciplinary arts and conference center for education and creative self-exploration. For 17 years, this unique, rustic setting has been the perfect home for the IPA Annual Convention.

Originally a working farm, the center has a variety of buildings with spaces equipped for workshops of all kinds - dance, drama, art, music, discussion and emotional expression - including a professional 500-seat theatre. Enjoy the swimming pool, ping-pong and pool tables, play on the softball field, tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts, or explore the expansive grounds and surrounding woods.

Dormitory-style accommodations are informal, and sleep 6 to 10 guests. Some private and wheelchair accessible rooms are also available. Excellent farm-fresh meals feature produce from the organic garden and generous servings with vegetarian options.

For more about Appel Farm, visit www.appelfarm.com


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