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IPA Summer Convention 2002

deep freedoms logo

August 27
September 2

Appel Farm
Elmer, New Jersey, USA


Welcome to the International Primal Association's 30th Annual Convention! For old-timers and newcomers alike, this year's convention again promises the intimacy of an entire community honoring access to deep feelings. We look forward to developing new understandings of ourselves and the pathways of emotional healing. We hope to expand once more the frontiers of inner freedom and find expression for our truths in our loving community. We look forward to another outpouring of creative exuberance, to deepening bonds of friendship, and to profound lessons from explorers of the psyche and the soul who are far ahead of their times.

Bill Whitesell
IPA Convention 2002 Chair


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Daily Activities
Schedule of Workshops and Events
Fees and Registration
About Appel Farm


New Paradigms in Emotional Healing

Dr. Michael Schlosser

Schlosser photoA psychotherapist in Atlanta, Michael Schlosser will present his new techniques for efficient emotional healing, which he first pioneered with combat vets suffering from PTSD. Dr. Schlosser applies a systematic science to psychotherapy, including frequently measuring feelings to monitor success. His healing methods, which work well for self-help, buddy work, or in professional settings, start with first identifying a safe "container." Highlights include: the dynamics of being triggered, how to heal traumas permanently in one session, and how to increase intimacy and longevity in relationships, at times accessing transcendental experience. In addition to the keynote talk Saturday afternoon, Michael will show a full-length healing tape of a combat vet clearing, and offer two experiential workshops during the week to teach the efficient healing methods explained in his upcoming book, "Healing the Past for Good."

Terry Larimore, M.A.

larimore photoTerry Larimore, a leader in the field of shock and early trauma, will offer several workshops to help develop understanding and facility at working in this area. Terry is a therapist in private practice from Larkspur, California. She offers trainings and workshops across the country from Houston to Toronto, San Francisco to New York. Her website is www.earlytrauma.com

Lynn Turner, Ph.D.

Turner photoLynn Turner will present one workshop on carrying your parents' pain and another on brain research related to emotional release. Lynn is the Director of the Center for Relationships in Alexandria, VA. She is an individual and couples therapist, and a PAIRS Leader (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) with more than 25 years of experience in social work. Her website is www.ac4r.com


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Daily Activities

Massage & Mind-Bodywork. Mind-Bodywork ranges from cranial-sacral, deep Swedish massage, Thai massage, and Oriental restoration therapies offered by perennial favorites, as well as Cindy Ciancarelli and the returning Lisa Gayle, coordinated by Denise Kline. Early morning movement and yoga will be offered free of charge.

Women's Group & Men's Group. After breakfast, gather with others of your sex to share thoughts, feelings, contact, and ceremony.

Mat Track. Connect and express your deep feelings in a safe, supportive, daily primal group hosted by experienced facilitators.

Community Meeting. After supper, the entire community gathers to meet newcomers, discuss convention news, and review the schedule of events.

Evening Peer Groups. Share the events and feelings of your day within a small group setting.

Jungian Sandplay Room. This extraordinary environment for self-discovery is yours to explore round-the-clock. Create a scene from your unconscious with items from the late, great Bill Smukler's immense sandplay collection.

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Schedule of Workshops and Events

Program is subject to change without notice. All IPA workshops and events are educational and are not a practice of therapy.


Arrival and Opening Ceremonies.


Holotropic Breathwork. Oliver Williams will facilitate this wholesome process which synthesizes the wisdom traditions of ancient cultures, experiential psychology, and modern consciousness research.

What Is Primal? Larry King, an IPA Elder from NYC, gives an essential introduction to the theory and practice of primal psychotherapy.

Feelings are Pure Poetry with Harriet Geller, long-time IPA member and primal poet. Let your feelings flow and transform into lyrical images in this workshop on writing poetry.

group photo

Safety and Protection in the Primal Process with Mickey Judkovics. Starting with our bodies and the witnessing state of consciousness, this workshop will establish concepts and practice that foster safe primal experiences.

Connections. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., our keynote speaker, offers an interactive workshop with ice-breaker activities, emotional assessment, and a "Windows on the Soul" experience.


Jungian Sandplay. Mary Thompson, M.A., will lead participants in an expression of their unconscious through the profound and limitless world of Jungian sandplay.

Primal Voice with Sam Turton. Like birds, all of us are meant to sing. Join Sam for an experiential exploration of the primal joy of singing.

Mays Landing Pool Party. Join Barbara Bryan, M.A., in the pool for exercises developed by Bill Swartley to explore prenatal and other provocative personal/transpersonal experiences.

The Art & Science of Feeling Better Fast. Michael Schlosser will offer an experiential program with specific methods to handle "being triggered" that include a series of 10-minute exercises.

Deep Softball with Larry Schumer. Do you have joyful or painful memories involving sports? Get in touch with profound play and deep feelings at our annual primal ball game.


Primal Integration Training. Barbara Bryan, M.A., and Sam Turton discuss their seven-day training program in October for those who wish to develop facilitation skills for primal-style or deep-feeling work.

Overview of Shock/Trauma. Terry Larimore, M.A., will give a vital introduction to the fascinating differences and long-term effects of trauma and shock.

New Identity Therapy. Mary Taylor, CSW, will lead a workshop using methods originated by Dan Casriel, and developed during her many years as a therapist and group leader.

Deep Empathy, Heartfulness, and Containment with Terry Larimore, M.A. The best treatments for emotional shock and trauma are deep empathy, heartfulness, and containment. Improve your skills in this powerful, often overlooked modality.

Valley Forge 1778 and Today. Steve Austill, M.Div., will encourage the citizenry of the IPA to follow those who spoke for Liberty and Justice. Get on a soapbox and speak your truth!

Holonomic Brain Research and Theory. Lynn Turner, Ph.D., will give a presentation that describes and illustrates the holonomic brain theory of Karl Pribram in the context of current neurology, bio-chemical theory, and therapeutic practice.

AlecWorld Beat Drum Circle. Michael DiMartino and friends offer a hands-on group experience of various traditional world rhythms, song and movement, emphasizing the diversity of self-expression and community building.

World Music Concert. Michael DiMartino's World Beat Music and Dance Ensemble blends African, Latin & Middle Eastern percussion with American-hemisphere wind instruments for an evening of original music and ethnic dance. Recording artist DiMartino has performed internationally, from the White House to the Great Pyramids.

Traditional Fire Ceremony. Michael DiMartino and friends will lead the community in a spiritual program, inspired by ancient traditions, to connect us individually, and as a community, to fundamental forces and elements of existence.


Therapist Peer Group. Barbara Bryan, M.A., and Sam Turton host a workshop for therapists and facilitators to openly discuss any personal issues and challenges about primal practice.

Primalling Into Past Lives: A Video Experience & Discussion. Dan Miller, Ph.D., presents a new film clip of people in past life regression, and refers to his personal experiences as patient and therapist to explore why this strange therapy works.

Keynote Presentation: Clearing Traumas - "Hell to Heaven in one sitting." Dr. Michael Schlosser will present an audiovisual overview of his "combat vet proven" therapy technique for permanent transformation in a single session, as outlined in his upcoming book, "Healing the Past for Good."

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: a Case Study. Michael Schlosser will give a running commentary on a powerful, videotaped trauma-clearing for a combat vet with PTSD. The film reveals the dramatic transformative emotional shift (from "hell to heaven") of his method.

Exploring Your Psyche with the I Ching. Sam Addington will introduce this ancient collection of Chinese wisdom and show you how to cast your own fortune. Be prepared for wisdom - and feelings!

Transforming Transference with Larry King, IPA Elder, and therapist from NYC. Transform lose-lose situations into surprising win-win experiences, and angry feelings into therapy breakthroughs.

9/11: From Tears to Gold. Taff Welch and Sharon Kane will explore how the World Trade Center and other 9/11 tragedies may have altered our feelings about life, God, and each other.

IPA Cabaret! Get on stage and express yourself with a song, a poem, a skit, movement, improv, or humor - to the most supportive audience around!


Outdoor Worship & Sharing with Sharon Kane. Gather outdoors for a gentle worship service, to meditate, move, sing and bond with ourselves, each other, and our surroundings.

Transpersonal Primal. Bob Holmes describes Spirit Releasement Therapy, showing how it dovetails with Primal work and Past Life work for the healing of traumas and patterns. Bring your questions!

group photo

Carrying Your Parents Pain with Lynn Turner, Ph.D., By using deep emotional release, we can experience our parents' pain as theirs, and return to ourselves with a new sense of separation and individuality.

Trauma Maps: Where Emotional Wounds Live in the Body with Terry Larimore, M.A. Learn the physical sites that correspond to emotional wounds - the literal/obvious and the symbolic/obscure. Learn to read your client's silent signals and messages.

Tao of Walking. Marie Regis draws on Tai Chi and Taoist concepts to present a natural, easy way to center and connect with nature while exercising.

Monologues from the Mat with Jean Rashkind. Moving from primal mat work into the imagination, participants create characters from their emotional depths.

The Fun Fundraising Draw. Donate whatever you can give - household goods, white elephants, handmade items, personal skills, creative services, session time - to raise funds for IPA initiatives.

IPA Dance Party. Another chance to enjoy and express yourself in a fun-filled evening of music and dance.


Regular Daily Activities.

IPA Annual General Meeting. An opportunity for all members to discuss IPA issues and elect officers to the Executive and Board of Directors.

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Fees and Registration

6 $660 $595
5 $603 $543
4 $526 $476
3 $429 $389
2 $310 $280
1 $175 $155

Listed prices above are for members. Non-members add $30 to listed price. Early Bird rates before August 10. Registration fee includes food, lodging, all workshops, activities and use of the Appel Farm facilities. Blanket, pillows, and mattress provided. Bring linens or rent for $10.

One-day Special: one day, no overnight for $75.
Non-U.S. Discount: Registrants outside of the continental U.S. deduct 15%.
Newcomer Discount: deduct $15 from your total (one-day special excluded).
Children: free up to 7 years; discount for 8 - 17 years. Call for fees and childcare info.
Tenting on grounds: same fees apply.
Off-site lodging: deduct $17/day/person.
CEUs: Call for more information.

Payment: Send no deposits. All fees payable in full upon registration, US funds only. Refunds made minus cancellation fee with written request before Aug. 10, 2002.


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About Appel Farm

Situated on 176 acres in rural southern New Jersey, Appel Farm is a multidisciplinary arts and conference center for education and creative self-exploration. For 17 years, this unique, rustic setting has been the perfect home for the IPA Annual Convention.

Originally a working farm, the center has a variety of buildings with spaces equipped for workshops of all kinds - dance, drama, art, music, discussion and emotional expression - including a professional 500-seat theatre. Enjoy the swimming pool, ping-pong and pool tables, play on the softball field, tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts, or explore the expansive grounds and surrounding woods.

Dormitory-style accommodations are informal, and sleep 6 to 10 guests. Some private and wheelchair accessible rooms are also available. Excellent farm-fresh meals feature produce from the organic garden and generous servings with vegetarian options.

For more about Appel Farm, visit www.appelfarm.com

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