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IPA Summer Convention 2001

August 28 to September 3, Appel Farm, Elmer, New Jersey, USA

primal circles, primal heart


Welcome to the International Primal Association's 29th Annual Convention. As the end of summer nears, the IPA community gathers once again to renew ourselves and our friendships. We give ourselves the time and space to go deep within and allow the forgotten pieces of ourselves to emerge. This year we honor ourselves as creators of our lives, giving birth again and again to our own truths. Whether in word, song, or any of the creative ways we bring ourselves to the group, we integrate by sharing our feelings and telling our stories. This year we also honor the loving community that bears witness, and that nurtures and contains us. In the many circles that we join each day we become pieces of a larger organism, a synergy of our individual essences. This year we come together to be fully who we are, and to be one.

Jean Rashkind
IPA Convention 2001 Chair


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Keynote Presenter: Vera Orlock
Daily Activities
Community Events
Fees and Registration
About Appel Farm

Keynote Presenter: Vera Orlock

"The Ebb and Flow of Relating"
Anatomical Models for Relationship and Community

Orlock photoVera Orlock is an Associate Professor of Dance at Kansas State University and on the faculty of the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst, MA. She is a Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration (the work of Ida Rolf) and is a frequent guest artist/teacher in the US and Europe. The author of several published articles on somatic integration and development, Vera maintains a private practice in Integrative Body-Mind Therapies. Her ongoing research in experiential anatomy explores the relationship between the body, mind, touch, and movement, and how the mind is expressed through the body and the body through the mind. Her work has been appreciated by artists of all disciplines, therapists, educators, and others interested in developing a fuller sense of self, releasing creativity, and more effective communication.

Vera's keynote presentation will offer insights into how our physiology gives us clues to our psychology. The presentation will include simple movement explorations animating some of the available pathways of communication of the body/mind and the underlying physiological basis for these pathways. In particular, the session will focus on three aspects of the nervous system. These include 1) a cellular model of experience and learning, 2) distinguishing and balancing the sensory and motor aspects of the nervous system, and 3) accessing homeostasis (the state of well-being) through balancing the autonomic nervous system.

We are also pleased to announce that Vera will also be staying with us to give two other experiential workshops during the Convention, "Experiences in the Ebb and Flow of Relating" and "Body Systems".

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Daily Activities

Massage & Mind-Bodywork. Denise Kline, Marie Regis, Teresa Smelser and others offer their services at the low convention rate of $40/hour. Treatment modalities include Swedish, Craniosacral, Amma, Hawaiian, Reiki and more. Early morning movement and yoga will be lead by Teresa.

Women's Group & Men's Group. After breakfast, gather with others of your sex to share thoughts, feelings, contact and ceremony.

Mat Track. Connect and express your deep feelings in a daily primal group hosted by experienced facilitators.

Community Meeting. After supper, the entire community gathers to meet newcomers, discuss convention news and review the schedule of events.

Evening Peer Groups. Share the events and feelings of your day within a small group setting.

Jungian Sandplay Room. This extraordinary environment for self-discovery is yours to explore round-the-clock. Create a scene with select items from the late, great Bill Smuckler's immense sandplay collection.

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Community Events

Thursday Night Concert with Michael DiMartino and the World Beat Music Ensemble. Feel your tribal roots!

Saturday Night Cabaret. A chance to get on stage and "do your thing" with a supportive audience! Do a song, a poem, a skit, improv - whatever!

Sunday Night Dance Party. Another chance to enjoy and express yourself in a fun-filled evening of good music and dance.

IPA Annual General Meeting. An opportunity for all members to discuss and vote on IPA issues, and elect officers to the Executive and Board of Directors. Nominations Friday, elections Monday.

Playback Theater. Our own stories from this conference or from our lives come alive in impromptu enactment. Playback Theater, originally designed by Jonathan Fox, enriches heart, soul and community spirit.

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New workshops are still in development. Program is subject to change without notice.

Thoughts On the Primal Process. Fred Zielke, Ph.D., will lead a lecture/discussion of selected principles, practices, healing processes and problems in the practice of primal therapy.

Gestalt Sandplay with Mary Thompson, M.A. and Linda Marks, CSW. This workshop combines Jungian sandplay with the Gestalt therapy "empty chair" technique, allowing sandtray objects to become interactive sub-personalities.

Masks, Words, Fire! with Yvonne Parma, M.Ed., L.M.H.C. Is there something you need to say good-bye to? Come and give it a face in the form of a paper mask and/or a piece of writing. Let them come alive - and see them go up in smoke!

What Is Primal? with Larry King, of the Primal Integration Center of NYC. An introduction to the theory and practice of primal psychotherapy.

AlecHealing Ourselves and Each Other. Alec Rubin, primal pioneer and cofounder of the IPA, will guide us through the sharing of real feelings and real stories. Happy 81st, Alec!

Primal Techniques. Barbara Bryan, M.A. will lead a discussion, sharing and demonstration of basic primal techniques and ways to facilitate deep-feeling releases.

Holotropic Breathwork. Oliver Williams and Jennifer Prull will facilitate this wholesome process which synthesizes the wisdom traditions of ancient cultures, experiential psychology and modern consciousness research.

Exploring Methods of Healing Pre and Perinatal Wounds with Barbara Findeisen, MFT. Our first emotional responses begin in the womb and at birth and are deeply imprinted. How to uncover, heal, and prevent them will be explored via lecture and video.

Primal Biochemistry. Lynn Turner, Ph.D, MSW, will present the latest scientific knowledge about emotions, heart, the brain, and the biochemistry of the body.

Dance Your Primal Process with Sharon Kane. Following the essence of the Authentic Movement form, participants are encouraged to allow primal feelings to express themselves in a dance of the whole person.

Developing Primal Community. Join an action-based discussion on how to develop and run peer process groups, regional retreats, support groups, training, primal gatherings, and the IPA Worldwide Contact Network.

group photo

Primal Support Group - Live! The PSG is the world's biggest and best on-line primal group, This is a unique opportunity for members to meet and share - in person!

Primal Integration Training. Barbara Bryan and Sam Turton will lead a workshop describing the week-long training program they will be providing in October.

Art Therapy & Self Transformation with Johanne Hamel. Using Gestalt and Jungian approaches, Johanne presents art therapy as an effective path to personal expression and transformation.

Poetry: Feelings to Words to Feelings. Harriet Geller will shepherd participants on a meandering excursion into poetic expression, one of the most satisfying means of accessing and articulating our deepest, most elusive selves.

Primal Communication Through Technology with Larry Schumer. Come explore the world of e-mail and the Internet and see how you can use "high-tech" to enrich your primal communications - world-wide!

Belly Dancing for Women. Johanne Hamel, Montreal art therapist, introduces belly dancing as a powerful tool to get in touch with our femininity and issues related to it. Through some simple exercises, we will experience belly dancing and share afterwards about what these issues might be.

Transforming Transference with Larry King, of the Primal Integration Center of NYC. Transform lose-lose situations into surprising win-win experiences, and angry feelings into therapy breakthroughs.

May's Landing Pool Party. Join Barbara Bryan, M.A., in the pool for exercises developed by Bill Swartley to explore prenatal and other provocative personal/transpersonal experiences.

World Beat Drum Circle. Learn and share rhythms from around the world with Michael DiMartino and friends.

Sexual Healing Discussion Group with Sharon Kane. Using the circle as a safe place, we will share as we are moved to, about sexual challenges, sexual healings, sexual issues, gender issues, and whatever else might need to be revealed and supported.

Stories of Joy & Pain. Sam Turton and Jane Lewis host a series of workshops to gather your primal stories for an important research project and publication. Drop by - and share your experience.

softball photoSoftball: Going in Circles with Larry Schumer. Do you have joyful or painful memories involving sports? Do you feel like you're going in circles? Get in touch with play and feelings at our annual primal ball game.

Primal Blues. Steve Austill M.Div. and Fred Zielke, Ph.D. present The Blues, a classic form through which generations have sung out their hopes and disappointments in living and loving. Feel and sing from your soul.

Oriental Family Massage. Denise Kline leads a group massage experience based on Zen Shiatsu, reflexology, and other oriental massage schools.

Body Systems. Keynote presenter Vera Orlock leads an experiential session in which we will identify, articulate, and integrate the various systems of the body. Through play and hands-on activities, the qualities of each system will be encountered.

Healing Metaphors from the Heart. Mickey Judkovics explores internal metaphors which access all four effects of trauma: shock, fragmentation, dissociation and introjection.

The Way Out Is In. Join Norman D. Lowery, MS, LCSW on a journey from darkness to light with primal experiences leading the way.

The Boston Common: 1774 and Today. Steve Austill M.Div., will encourage the citizenry of the IPA to follow those who spoke for Liberty and Justice. Get on a soap box and speak your truth!

Join the IPA Team! There are exciting developments in the IPA going on all year round that you can be a part of. Find out about committees and teams who could benefit from your interests and talents.

Ethics Panel on the legalities, philosophy, and practice of primal therapies. Discussion will focus on how therapists and clients can maintain and develop safe process.

Experiences in the Ebb and Flow of Relating with keynote presenter Vera Orlock. Participants in the session will delve further into the ideas presented in the keynote address by working in groups, alone, and with partners in a spirit of non-judgment and play.

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Fees and Registration

6 $640 $575
5 $585 $525
4 $510 $460
3 $415 $375
2 $300 $270
1 $170 $150

Listed prices above are for members. Non-members add $30 to listed price. Early Bird rates before August 10. Registration fee includes food, lodging, all workshops, activities & use of the Appel Farm facilities. Blanket, pillows, and mattress provided. Bring linens or rent a set for $10. Non-U.S. Discount: Registrants outside of the continental U.S. deduct 15%. Children: free up to 7 years; discount for 8 - 17 years. Call for fees and childcare info. Tenting on grounds: same fees apply. Off-site lodging: deduct $17/day/person. CEUs: Call for more information. Donations: For information contact Sharon Kane, address below. Payments & Refunds: Send no deposits. All fees payable in full, US funds only. Refunds made minus cancellation fee, if written notification postmarked on or before August 10, 2001.


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About Appel Farm

Situated on 176 acres in rural southern New Jersey, Appel Farm is a multidisciplinary arts and conference center for education and creative self-exploration. For 17 years, this unique, rustic setting has been the perfect home for the IPA Annual Convention. Originally a working farm, the center has a variety of buildings with spaces equipped for workshops of all kinds - dance, drama, art, music, discussion and emotional expression - including a professional 500-seat theatre. Enjoy the swimming pool, ping-pong and pool tables, play on the softball field, tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts, or explore the expansive grounds and surrounding woods. Dormitory-style accommodations are informal, and sleep 6 to 10 guests. Some private and wheelchair accessible rooms are also available. Excellent farm-fresh meals feature produce from the organic garden and generous servings with vegetarian options.

For more about Appel Farm, visit www.appelfarm.com

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